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Does theology have a reason to exist?

The following is semi-formal discussion of theology and philosophy. While I am passionate about the subject matter, it could come across as stuffy and impersonal compared to my usual posts. I will use words like “situatedness.” Deal with it. Theology … Continue reading

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Progressives, Paradigms, and Problem People

“If only everyone thought like me!” said pretty much everyone, ever. Unfortunately, such is not the case. And when it comes to important ideas, we often wish that the problem people — those who stubbornly refuse to change their views … Continue reading

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What We Stand to Lose: Why Social Progressives Need Philosophy

It might sound old and boring, but we need philosophy now more than ever It’s great that gay marriage, feminism, and similar social causes are gaining ground — if not in the law, at least in our culture, and that … Continue reading

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Icons, Idols, and Holy Scripture

For someone questioning their Christian upbringing and background, there is perhaps no more important question than how to relate to the Bible. Some of us, myself included, take the leap away from believing in scriptural inerrancy and infallibility without having … Continue reading

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Dismantling the Colossus of Fear

I return from a long hiatus! Let’s get right to it. There is an ongoing spiritual battle, not in our societies as the culture warriors would have it, but in our hearts. This is the battle against fear and distrust, … Continue reading

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Abortion and Personhood Part 1: Framing the Debate

Libby Anne and Dan Fincke over at Patheos have put together the Forward Thinking project in order to pose philosophical questions to a variety of bloggers to gain new perspectives on a diverse range of topics. This round, the question … Continue reading

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Why I don’t believe Intelligent Design

I’ve been speaking very broadly in my previous posts. In this, I want to hone in on a single issue to clear up some misunderstandings. I want to talk about Intelligent Design. There are many reasons why I do not … Continue reading

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