Comment Policy

Please note that my comment policy has changed as of June 3, 2014. There are two primary criteria which I will apply when moderating comments.

1) Is the comment respectful? A difference of opinion is not a justification for insulting the other’s reasoning capacity or character in general.

2) If the comment presents an argument, does the comment cite evidence or make a case a priori? Not all objections merit a response.

Elaboration on point 1: Recent research indicates that the tone of the comments section is important for how well people receive an article. This being the case, I will arbitrarily judge (“censor” if you want to call it that) the comments, but I will be as fair as it is possible for me to be. It is one thing to be angry, and it is another thing to attack a person.

Anger is welcome and sometimes justifiable, though I would encourage people who are angry to keep their anger under control. If you are angry, point out the specific behaviors which make you angry. While some people can be very difficult, only in rare circumstances will I allow personal attacks. Ad hominem is not always a fallacy, but it usually is.

Elaboration on point 2: I have spent a long, long time on the Internet, and I have dealt with people of all kinds of belief. The problem is that not all beliefs are born equal. Evidence-based or a priori argumentation is a necessary requirement for there to be meaningful dialog. This new criterion is in effort to avoid providing legitimacy to points of view which have no basis. Refuting groundless argumentation is an endless and fruitless process, as one may raise an infinite number of groundless arguments, each of them requiring significant effort to address directly.

Thus, all comments which do not meet this criterion will be edited, not removed, to say the following: “This comment does not provide argumentative grounds for its claims and its content has been removed per the comment policy.”


4 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. Dennis Steckley says:

    I just discovered your site today, thanks to a mention by a friend and professional colleague on Facebook. While I don’t always agree with you on every point, I applaud the calm, polite way you discuss issues and respond to comments that take a more strident approach.

  2. Hey Chris, I stumbled onto your site since your post “Rhinos, Unicorns, Evolution, Gay Marriage, and Scripture” was featured on Freshly Pressed (I’m planning on re-reading it later to day) and I was distracted, for a lack of better words, by this page.

    I personally like it that you have a comment policy page and I’m thinking I might adapt something along the same lines for my photography blog – – since I want constructive comments on my sites. I have to commend you for being the first person, I’ve seen at least, dedicate a page like this.

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