I no longer condone most of the views on this site

While I have no great beef with liberal Christianity, I want to make it clear that I am distancing myself from all explicitly-religious claims made on this site. This has been the case for several months now, but I had no great need to make a public statement to that effect.

Recently, however, I have been trying to find freelance writing work, and the issue of how to mention my writing experience has been awkward for me, as I am mostly trying to write about nonreligious subjects. So, if you are an editor trying to make sure I can write, please take the views express on this site with a grain of salt.

If you’re looking for my best work, I recommend the following articles:

Starting a War: Racism in Falwell’s Fight Against Drugs

Jesus Wants the Rose: Matt Chandler, Sex & God the Internalized Abuser

In which I repeatedly smash my face on my desk concerning Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS & the RFRA

Generally speaking, the moral stances I made on this site are still very much the stances I hold today; however, I take those stances from a nonreligious point of view. I am pro-LGBT rights, pro-choice, pro-racial/social justice, pro-drug legalization, and a democratic socialist, among other things.

If you are a Christian reading this site, however, I think you will find it helpful to you. While I don’t personally hold the same beliefs as I once did, I still occasionally link one of my articles to a friend or a random Reddit user if he/she is grappling with a particular issue. It’s still all (mostly) good stuff from a Christian perspective.


About Chris Attaway

Raised in the digital wilderness of the pre-Internet 2.0 era, Chris Attaway is a true gamer and Internet citizen. After a stint studying computer science, his life got flipped turned upside down, and he ended up studying philosophy to help him sort out his life. Now the black sheep in a family of engineers, he has set out to get his footing in the world of freelance journalism. With interests ranging from gaming and technology to LGBT rights, race and politics, Chris is a diverse and skilled writer who always tries to give a fair shake to his subjects.
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4 Responses to I no longer condone most of the views on this site

  1. Chris, you can be all of those things and still be a Christian. I’m pro-choice, I’m for equal rights for gay and transgendered people, for the legalization of pot, and for racial and social justice. I’m appalled by the way some Christians express their ‘love’ to others about many of these issues but I still am able to have my beliefs. Just saying. Good luck with whatever you do.

    • I appreciate that, and I know there are Christians who hold to the same or similar ethics. Even though that is the case, I am distancing myself from my prior religious views, as I no longer hold them.

  2. shon says:

    What are your religious views now?

    • Generally speaking, I do not hold religious views. I have a few beliefs that might vaguely fall under that category, but I’m not as keen to discuss them as I was when I was updating this blog regularly.

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