Should I say I’m humble or admit my pride to appear humble? (Both cups are poisoned!)

So has anyone met this guy: the guy who is working several steps ahead in terms of reverse psychology about whether or not he is humble? In reality, he’s being a prideful jerk, but he’s either trying to play that down by admitting his pride (which is an act of humility to him) or by trying to just say he feels pretty humble in order not to act prideful by admitting his pride, which he realizes is actually just a prideful play to try to appear humble.

PrincessBridePoisonI feel like it’s that scene in Princess Bride where both cups are poisoned. A lot of people I have met are so caught up in trying to appear humble that they don’t realize that merely by playing that game, they have rid themselves of that character trait.



About Chris Attaway

Raised in the digital wilderness of the pre-Internet 2.0 era, Chris Attaway is a true gamer and Internet citizen. After a stint studying computer science, his life got flipped turned upside down, and he ended up studying philosophy to help him sort out his life. Now the black sheep in a family of engineers, he has set out to get his footing in the world of freelance journalism. With interests ranging from gaming and technology to LGBT rights, race and politics, Chris is a diverse and skilled writer who always tries to give a fair shake to his subjects.
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One Response to Should I say I’m humble or admit my pride to appear humble? (Both cups are poisoned!)

  1. Ken Nichols says:

    A truly humble person would never feel the need to APPEAR humble by admitting pride. What, really, would be the point of that? (It’s inconceivable! (sorry, I had to)) Anyway, humility is a trait you see in OTHER people and maybe perhaps compliment them on. Though I would even be sparse in throwing out that praise for fear of tempting a truly humble person with the temptation of pride. It’s something they don’t NEED to know, just be.

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