Memorial Day and the Kingdom of God

Yet another brief reflection on the times.

On Memorial Day, we honor those who died in service to the United States. Politics aside, these were brave men and women who fought and bled for a cause to which they had devoted their lives. And while our country is not perfect, it is an honorable thing to devote oneself to the point of death to the preservation of others, even if our leaders should guide us astray from that course.

The alliance between religion and politics, though, sometimes confuses God and country. One does not always have to support the military actions of our country to be a devout Christian. We should remember that the Kingdom of God is bigger than the particular states in which Christians live. America is not God’s Country. The Kingdom of God is the body of Christ. It is the collective of those who have chosen to love God and others. Remember those who have given their lives. Support their families. But always remember that our allegiance as Christians is to God before it is to our country.


About Chris Attaway

Raised in the digital wilderness of the pre-Internet 2.0 era, Chris Attaway is a true gamer and Internet citizen. After a stint studying computer science, his life got flipped turned upside down, and he ended up studying philosophy to help him sort out his life. Now the black sheep in a family of engineers, he has set out to get his footing in the world of freelance journalism. With interests ranging from gaming and technology to LGBT rights, race and politics, Chris is a diverse and skilled writer who always tries to give a fair shake to his subjects.
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